Digitise your Artwork: Starters Guide to Photoshop

Get your work online and printed.
Suitable for beginners through to intermediate.

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Do you ever complete an artwork and think ‘How do I get this edited, printed and sold?' but don't feel confident using Photoshop?


Perhaps you have a whole lot of artwork you’re dying to sell and you’re ready to get it online, but you haven’t yet worked out how to streamline your process and get things going?

Even though you have Photoshop and kind of know your way around - you find it more frustrating than helpful. All you want to do is quickly edit your work, clean it up a little and post it up for the world to see - but your lack on Photoshop skills is holding you back. How on earth do all these artists on Instagram get their work up so fast and looking so professional?

The reality?

  • You’ve admired how other artists have been posting their work so effortlessly and want to do the same for your own work.

  • You want to fully understand how to Photoshop your artworks easily and quickly so you can stop wasting time trying to work it out on your own.

  • You’re finally ready to figure out Photoshop once and for all and feel confident in your editing skills, excited about your artworks potential and selling your work online!

If this has all been resonating with you so far, you’re not alone!

Back when Instagram had just started, I was spending hours working on my art and creating work I was super proud of. I was posting photos of my creations but I knew that if I wanted to sell my art as prints or do any kind of commercial work, I had to figure out Photoshop. So I went out and bought a cheap scanner, scanned in my work and started to teach myself how to scan, edit and prepare my artwork professionally. Fast forward 7 years and it's been the single most important skill I've had in my creative career.

There was a LOT of trial and error, figuring out shortcuts to get things done quicker and improving my skills as Photoshop updated over the years.

Here’s how I was presenting my work back in 2013...

And here's a post from 2018 and how I've been presenting my work more recently...

It took a few months of practicing and getting my works up to scratch, from which my audience grew and so did my client base. Fast forward to today, I’m now a full-time illustration artist who has worked with clients like Officeworks, Staedtler, Lack of Color, Jeanswest and Hairhouse Warehouse.

I’ve also been teaching beginner to advanced in-person workshops to hundreds of students in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. Since it’s not possible for everyone to be able to make it to the cities I teach in, I thought, why not take this online and share my knowledge with the rest of there world!



My new online course Digitise Your Artwork: Starters Guide to Photoshop! I've specifically designed this course to help you edit your art work ready for print and web.

I've created this course for you because I know how frustrating and tricky Photoshop can be.

The truth is, Photoshop is a complex program. BUT, whether you’re a beginner or you know your way around - these videos are designed for each step to be clear, easy and relevant to artists.

Through my own trial and error, I've found the way to streamline this process and make my life sooo much easier (and quicker - my time is valuable!).

In this class I'll take you through my editing process from start to finish so you can follow along too.

Within just 1 HOUR, you'll learn how to:

  • Master the Photoshop skills you’ll need to edit, flourish and prepare your artwork for print & web.

  • Avoid common beginner mistakes that waste hours of your time.

  • Learn how to effectively merge your scans (for artworks bigger than your A4 scanner!).

  • Finally make the most of Photoshop that will best show off your artwork.

  • Understand how to remove a background the correct way, once and for all.

  • Discover and utilise shortcuts and tips that’ll make your editing process quick and easy!

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Feel confident in Photoshop
and share your artwork online.


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