LongBlackPlease #2 - Pack your laptop, pack your smiles.

Cafe Piccante.jpg

We’re back with another week of LBP and have a few neat little spots to get your freelance on this week.

Pack your laptop, pack your smiles. Off to work you go….

Cafe Piccante

216 St Georges Rd, Fitzroy North VIC 3068

A small cafe on busy St Georges Road. Inside has a moody, rustic and French vibe, with tiny headlights for each 2-person table. Coffee is served through a fast-food window opening at the front. It’s a welcoming feature, I wish all cafes were like this. I wanted to get my iPad to out to write and since it was warm today I opted for the outside benches lining the main road.

My coffee arrived and I asked the barista for the wifi password. Good wifi strength, btw, I feel like that’s important to note!

Coffee rating: 8/10
Wifi: Yes
Final note: It’s a little loud to sit outside and work, but inside is super cosy and a great place to meet a friend or work on your laptop for an hour or so.


Aphro & Wolfe

566 Brunswick St, Fitzroy North VIC 3068

My immediate thought when walking into Aphro & Wolfe was how much it felt like someone’s apartment from the 70’s. I can’t quite pinpoint why, but I wanted to sit down and make myself comfortable. I have a penchant for a bright window bench so I sat facing outside, but slightly regretted not facing inward - I totally could’ve just moved but, you know... once I’m sat, I’m sat.

I like this place, I could work here all day. It’s friendly & quiet, as 10am rolls in however it gets a little busier. But I don’t mind.

Coffee rating: 8/10
Wifi: Yes indeed.
Final thought: You could work here for a few hours, the window bench is a good spot to people watch and enjoy whatever weather Melbourne blesses you with that day.


The Hidden Horse

520 Victoria St, Richmond VIC 3121

The only thing between you and this cafe, is a tram ride. With convenience in it’s favour and great coffee flying out the door (in take-away cups... not just thrown in the street. That would be ludicrous and frankly a little dangerous) you’re spoilt for choice with inside or outside dining, and plenty of people watching, because in all honesty that is the best thing about cafes. They also sell some delicious treats to keep you fuelled!

Coffee: 7.5/10
Wifi: Yep!
Final note: It’s easy to see why Hidden Horse is a popular choice for not only your Sunday morning brew but also to punch out some emails or impress a client with your cafe choice.