3 Simple Ways to Invest in Your Own Little Creative World

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Unlike fashion trends, snacks and indoor plants - creativity has longevity.

The more we invest into our creativity, the more it gives back. It’s an incredibly fulfilling cycle that rewards us tenfold in the way of being pleasantly surprised by what we can achieve, creating new and exciting work and progressing with our artistic style and niche.

There are countless ways to explore our creativity, sometimes it’s hard to narrow down to just a few that are worth a good try! Here we’ll discuss 3 that will relight that creative flame within you.

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What did you create when you were little? Did you paint with your hands? Were you a scrapbooking queen? Perhaps you loved an afternoon of long-stitching with gran? A lot can be said about nostalgia; when we reconnect with an activity that we carelessly enjoyed sinking our time and energy into as a kid - chances are that if we give it a go today as adult, we are likely to have those memories of pure bliss flood right back. There’s something so magically about the way children create and play, we tend to lose so much of that as we grow older and wrap each task with a purpose.

I used to scrapbook as a kid. In fact, I was so into it that I was a member of a scrapbooking club that hosted scrapbook parties (my 10 year-old self loved a good pyramid scheme lol). Every assessment at school was another opportunity to create a collage or make information look pretty - I was far more into presentation that the actual task! Overtime though, scrapbooking took a back seat as school marks became a little more important and I had to think hard about my career. Recently, however, I decided to create a short collage series, for the exact reason that we are discussing here, and it was such a natural and fun experience!

Honestly, the collages themselves weren’t amazing, but just being able to reconnect with something that gave me so much joy as a child was a creativity boost in itself. I had this new lease on colour and some new ideas had bubbled to the surface on how I could implement hues and vibrancy to my work. I also ended up using some collaging techniques in my blog posts (like this one) which makes information more fun!

The past, present and future all have their perks. Looking to the past for inspiration and reconnecting with a part of you that did things just for *fun!* is a good reminder that it’s ok to create without purpose. Let yourself create for fun, just like your 10-year old self.


Every single one of us has something unique to offer. It’s not about an impressive education or celebrity client list, it’s simply taking a peak into someone else’s brain and finding hidden gems!

Take a class in something completely foreign to you, or perhaps a workshop in something you already do but you want to master. It may feel risky to spend time and money on something you’re not sure is right for you, but one thing is for sure: you can’t possible regret investing in your creative world, in your passions and your artistic outlets.

Here are some perks to workshops and online courses:

  • You are 100% bound to learn something new, usually something unexpected!

  • Your new learnings will add richness to your current work

  • You may discover a new passion for something you never imagined would appeal to you

  • Stepping away from your work gives you a break from looking at the same thing all the time

  • Seeing how someone else works with their medium will give you new ideas for how to work with your preferred medium (or maybe give theirs a try!).

  • Learning is fun! Which can often be put on the back-burner if creativity is your job.

Whether it’s pottery, portrait illustration, watercolour florals or quilling - there is a workshop or online class for everything. If Illustration is something that appeals to you most, something you want to excel at, you’re in the right spot. At Creator’s Handbook, we provide face-to-face workshops with plenty of demo’s and individual attention, as well as convenient and highly information online courses. Click here to have a browse of what workshops are on offer, and click here to join our free Online Course "‘How to Draw Realistic Eyes’ for a taste of what to expect!

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This is me officially giving you permission to put your creative work away and do something else. Sometimes we get so stuck in our processes that we lose touch of what we are doing and why we’re doing it. There are days when the ideas flow and there are those awful days where you feel like there is nothing left in the tank. Creativity can often feel like a rollercoaster of emotions, loving what you’ve created one day, feeling frustrated the next. It’s hard to get yourself out of this way of thinking when you are surrounded by the same things each day.

So, my suggestion to you is to get outside and live life. Maybe take a week or 2 off from ‘being creative’ and let your brain rest. The absolute best thing we can do for ourselves, is to just be.

Maybe that means taking a short vacay over the weekend without your sketchbook, or unfollowing people on Instagram that make you feel bad about where you’re at with your work. Maybe it means reading a few books for a period of time or not working on a Sunday. However a ‘break’ looks to you, do that. Relax and let your brain recover so it can be strong and ready for your next creative project!


I’m a strong believer of sharing my knowledge and skills to help others wherever I can.

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