Long Black Please #4 - New Year, Same Me, More Coffee....

My fave spot at  @mittecafe

My fave spot at @mittecafe

The only resolution I’m setting for the New Year is to see more cafes and sit in them longer. Ok, not entirely true, but it’s true enough in the context of this blog series.

To sum up my freelancing-in-cafes journey of 2018, I have come to 3 realisations:

  • Sun Glare is real. If you’re going to sit on the edges of a cafe, or near a window - try to avoid sitting in direct sunlight. Opt for a shady spot with your back to a wall for maximum chance of minimum sun glare. Or wear sunglasses inside (please don’t).

  • Appreciate the cafes close to home. I spent lots of time in cafes that were a decent walk from home so that I could get my step count up too - that was great, but it meant that I never got to enjoy the cafes close to where I lived because I was so fixated on getting a good walk in. So I’ve switched it up a bit - now I go for a 1 hour walk, looping around a huge park or lake, then stopping at a cafe closer to home on the way back. I’ve recently found Terror Twilight in Collingwood and it is pretty much my favourite cafe at the moment (more on Terror Twilight below).

  • Cafe visits are the best part of my day. I really notice the difference in my mood and productivity levels on a day when I don’t do my morning cafe run - I feel a bit meh and cabin-feverish. Friendly cafe owners and barista’s hit me right in the soul! Even better when they get to know you and remember your order - always go back to those places.

As promised, cafe reviews!


13/11-13 Johnston St, Collingwood VIC 3056

First up is this absolute treat of a cafe. Don’t be fooled by the name - no terror’s to be found here! This cafe is perfectly positioned right on Johnston Street in Collingwood, it feels tucked away as it sits on the corner of a quiet narrow street with basically no traffic - so you’re simply blessed with sunshine and indoor plants.

I’ve visited this cafe 5 times in 2 weeks already - the staff are attentive and kind which obvs makes it harder to leave. The space is super welcoming and there’s generally a great vibe about the place. The food is so good that you may possibly never have a reason to leave until closing time. a solid 10/10 for freelancers!

Final thought: I mean, you know what I’m going to say don’t you? This is the perfect spot for a client meeting, coffee with a creative bud, hours of emailing and maybe even some sketching (tables are an actual good size). Look no furthaaaa.

Coffee: 8/10
Wifi: Yas.
Extras: Delicious treats in the window. Every corner is an Instagram opportunity!


87 Cardigan St, Carlton VIC 3053

My first thoughts about Woodside Green is that it’s great for a long day of laptop bonding

If you like comfortable light wood furniture, warming 50’s soul music and enough natural light to get an inside tan - then Woodside Green is your jam. The coffee machine and kitchen are positioned in a separate ‘room’ to the front seating area, so you’re less distracted. Speaking of which… our coffee arrived in lightning speed! Literally about 1 minute and we are not the only people here. Mitch’s flat white arrived with a rather elaborate coffee artwork of a topless lady, which obviously bumped his coffee rating from 8 to 8.5. Art always wins!

Final note: Whilst I couldn’t locate any power sockets, I do appreciate the water station right next to me which I would definitely utilise throughout my stay. You and your laptop are going to enjoy sitting here for a long while, just remember to pack a power bank!

Coffee: 8 (or 8.5 for the coffee art)
Wifi: I forgot to ask! Probably is though, it’s centred within a University town.
Extras: Water station!


76 Michael St, Fitzroy North VIC 3068

Considering how many people are in this small cafe right now (about 10) it’s pleasantly calm and quiet. I’ve been here a number of times and somehow my spot in the corner facing out the window is always free *thank you cafe gods*. I’m frantically trying to pump this review as I watch the battery percentage dwindle from %5, to %4.... a contrast to how I feel in this place!

It’s hard to peel myself away from here, it just feels so homely and warm. I’m enjoying the coffee-making noises behind me and the table-top peace lily keeping me company.

My iPad is hovering generously at %1 and my final note is to visit this cafe if you’re nearby, or even if you’re not. It will be worth the visit  - be sure look for the spot next to the peace lily.

Coffee: 8/10
Wifi: Yes!