LongBlackPlease #3 - Summer Morning Routine

With Summer finally here and daylight hours stretching wide, our mornings are the coolest time of day to get out and enjoy the freshness before the sun kisses the pavement. My assumption is that if you’re reading this blog then you are someone who is out of the house by at least midday, and fitting in some decent laptop piano playing by around 4pm when most cafe’s are closing. I’m naturally a night owl but I will preach a great morning ritual all day long - getting to a cafe before the masses swarm in and enjoying that early-rise buzz.

Speaking of which, these next 3 cafe spots are ideal for such a routine. Freelancing can get stale if you don’t leave the house at least once a day - make the most of Melbourne’s cafe options this early summer season before it get’s too hot!

Little Flock

81 High St, Northcote VIC 3070

I did the rude thing of not turning off my headphones music when I was ordering, I’m not proud of it but I got a smile anyway which was nice! A young, kind man took my order, he was the only one on the floor but I could hear some chopping coming from the kitchen. The vibe here is quiet with people periodically ordering a take-away coffee. For some reason whenever I notice that a cafe has real plants, it pretty rapidly increases in brownie points. Real plants all day long please, hanging from the ceiling is a bonus (which they have here).

I feel like creative types will appreciate this next bit... the cup & saucers are hand-made in ceramic (clay??) and covered in little specks. It is super cute and immediately makes me happy. The simple things, eh?

Final thoughts: Real plants, tick. Hand-made cup & saucer, tick. Clean and quiet, tick. If you are a shiny objects person like me and need a place to focus, this is the spot!

Coffee: 7.5/10
Wifi: Yes


8 Layers Cafe

472 Victoria Street, Richmond, Melbourne VIC 3121

There’s a warmth to this little corner cafe, maybe it’s the kind service, or the delicious coffee, or the aircon. You know what? It’s all 3. They had some newspapers on the window sill but I’ve brought along one that I stole from another cafe. Well, they were free, but it’s exciting to feel like a thief sometimes.

I get the vibe that this is the place you grab your coffee to-go before heading off for world domination, because the coffee is so good, but I’ve been here for a good halfa and I could probably stay another halfa and punch out some emails. Sometimes large cafes feel so busy and high energy, so it’s nice to sit somewhere low-key and feel at home for a little while.

Side note: There are cut outs of a smiley face on the napkin holder and, frankly, it adds a sweet note to my day.

Coffee: 8/10
Wifi: Yes


Rhapsody’s Cafe

793 Rathdowne St, Carlton North VIC 3054

I can’t remember the last time I read the newspaper. I mean like a physical newspaper; the weight of new information in my hands and the awkwardness of trying to fold a ginormous, unstapled pamphlet in half. Reminds me of when I was a kid and each morning my Dad would tell me what’s happened in the world overnight, with his mixed muesli bowl in one hand. Things haven’t changed actually.

I sat facing a window bench, my go-to spot in any cafe (because natural light, yo!), and along the bench sat a row of locally published news gazettes. Gazette is a good word and I have now silently vowed to use this more often.

Anyway, as you may have guessed, I’m fond of this place and I haven’t even sipped my coffee yet (it’s good, by the way). The music is chill, most people here are by themselves, so it’s nice and quiet. They have wifi and if it weren’t for the clouds beginning to roll in, I would’ve stayed a little longer.

Final thoughts: It’s kind of isolated with minimal surrounding businesses which makes it feel like you’re not in a hurry to be anywhere soon. If you want to make a day of marathon email sending, Rhapsody’s’ is the spot.

Coffee: 8/10
Wifi: Yes ma’am
Newspapers: Aplenty