Done is Better than Perfect


You know when you’ve spent, oh, I don’t know… 100000+ hours working on a creative project and it’s suddenly become this huge HUGE deal in your head, and if you declare that it’s finished before it is absolute perfection, then the entire world will burst into flames?

Well first, you crazy.

…and secondly, same here.

Here’s the problem with designing till it’s ‘just right’… once you think you’ve got there, you’re already thinking of ways to make it better. But in reality, this is totally an elusive mystery that we will forever remain clueless about.

In short, perfect ain’t a thang. Especially when imagination is the driving factor. Quit being so hard on yourself! Chances are that you’re reading this and you already work your little butt off in reaching your goals. I’m sure you’ve just totally by-passed a goal not long ago and forgot to celebrate (naughty you).

You know what’s awesome? Getting shit done.

So is posting all your art prints on your website, at the time you planned to do it, making sales and moving onto your next goal.

So is getting all your work done before the weekend so you can actually HAVE a weekend.

I’m not suggesting you skimp out on important details and make something ugly, but I don’t think anyone is going to notice if something is a few pixels out. Everyone has that one thing that they are obsessed about doing perfectly and it almost always doesn’t pay off (for the extra 2 hours it took you to perfect).

Getting it done means:

Sometimes you’ll need to re-do something.

Sometimes you’ll not be crowned for Perfect Artwork Of The Week.

But what I guarantee is:

You’ll get more work out there which may lead to more sales.

You’ll save yourself a few headaches.

You’ll fail and figure things out much quicker (failing is inevitable and good for us).

You’ll learn & grow & adapt more organically without stagnating at every creative block.

But enough rambling - here are a list of things that don’t need to perfect to succeed:

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You do not need to be on your game every minute of the day. Not every project is going to be your last. There is obviously a ton of pressure to do things well and provide value, but one thing that is ‘just right’ as it is, is you. The tiny little imperfections you leave in your creative work is literally gold. It is worth something very special, don’t lose that.

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It takes a lot of practice, experience and rejections to get pricing right. By far one of the hardest things for creatives, especially the super arty types that would rather do the actual art instead of negotiating rates and fees. It can feel pretty icky at the start, but your hard work and unique creations is absolutely worth being paid for. Pricing too high or too low is all part of it, you won’t get it right straight away and it may change over the years - a great tip would be to price each client case-by-case until you get a sense of what feels fair and what aligns with your earning goals. *We’ll expand on rates & fees in a future post!

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Nervously completing an artwork and launching it into the universe is a pretty effective personal challenge. The best part is, you almost always survive! Also, almost 100% of the time you realise that it’s never as bad as it seems. Let your work speak for itself, and have a break before you burn out.