2019 Illustration Trend Forecast


Trends come and go, with some having their 15 minutes of fame and some spreading like wildfire across the globe. It’s often hard to explain why something becomes so popular, like Kim K in bike shorts, but some things are just so damn beautiful that it is immediately obvious why it’s such a hit.

The same goes for art and design. One day you come across an illustration so freakin’ brilliant and you just want to share it with every one of your friends on Whatsapp because they just NEED to see it. What makes a style so popular? Why do some stick around for what feels like forever, that it becomes an obvious crowd-pleaser?

Once upon a time, the multi-colour splash watercolour trend was that crowd pleaser. The medium itself isn’t the trend, of course there are a million ways to create with watercolour, but this trend literally lasted a whole decade. That is a long long time.

Whilst staying true to your artistic style is 100% the most authentic way to create - it’s also helpful knowing what trends may be on the radar for the following year.




Art & design next year is going to be EXCITING. Maybe we’ll write a post in 2028 about how strange and wild everything was, but for now we welcome it all. The last few years we’ve seen a new wave of feminism grace the internet, it’s been bold, courageous, vulnerable and crazy awesome. Women are in control and not only are we talking about real things but we are making sure every little thing is being heard, by everyone.

2019 is the year of strong empowering feminine energy and we’ll be seeing it all through honest & delicate line-work, female portraits in situ and many more exciting mediums and compositions.

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