Introducing... LongBlackPlease!

Loose Grind.jpg

Picture this: It’s 9am and you’re prepped for a long day of freelance action. Your apartment is tiny, or maybe your dog is too distracting, and you want to just sit somewhere nice where you can drink some delish coffee and pump through work whilst wearing your grown-up clothes (not your jim jams).

Then you realise, it’s 9am and not only is your brain not awake yet but you don’t want to go to the same cafe across the road every single day…. ‘Where else is good?’ you wonder, sleepily.

Introducing, LongBlackPlease!

LBP is our new series to help you decide where next you’re going to plant your butt and do great work - outside of your house. We suss out all the cool cafes of Melbourne (for now!) and give you a quick low-down on what’s suitable for meetings, best place to sit for a full day of email-shooting, and who’s making the best brew (well, long blacks!).

Let’s kick things off with our first review.


135 Nicholson St, Abbotsford VIC 3067

You know you’re in for great service when you see a small army occupying the kitchen in this sweet little corner spot. Traffic outside hums quietly once the (seemingly soundproof?) doors shut behind you, and a piled plate of warm croissants fill the windows alongside all sorts of other nommable breakfast foods. As you could probably tell, I visited in the morning. I’m glad I did too because this is the perfect spot to have your morning coffee and read the news, maybe write a blog post or 2! It feels nice in here, like I could stick around for a little while.

Coffee Rating: 8/10
Wifi: Yes

Final Note: Inside is alive and welcoming, and after the morning bustle passes, it’s a comfortable and friendly environment to write some emails or meet a friend. I came here with my fiancé, he ordered a latte with a ham & cheese croissant which he rated with a smiling thumbs up. My drink of choice was a long black, if the title didn’t give it away ;) and we settled on an 8/10 overall.